Rachel’s Revenge




Size STILL Matters! This is a brutal rematch of Amazon April Hunter vs BBW Miss Rachel in a size vs strength strip contest——but this time, IN THE RING! Rachel has come back for revenge, and swears that she will beat April, HUMILIATE HER in the middle of the ring, and rip her clothing off, and spread her out naked no matter what it takes this time! The redheaded amazon is in black fishnets…beautiful BBW in snakeskin! The match starts with much trash talking into the ring. Then size comparison, bicep and pec flexing. It includes test of strengths, choking, body scissors, spanking, bear hugs, breast play and punishment, more spanking, domination,, face sitting, crotch, total humiliation and full nudity for the loser! Grunts, groans and giant tits!