Now You’re My Sex Toy!




Agent April Hunter is at the seedy hotel, watching notorious trader, Terra Mizu. She picks the door lock and ambushes Terra while in the shower to arrest her, but Terra is waiting for her, with something that puts the agent out. April wakes up, bound, gagged, and IRATE. Dominatrix Terra has April barefoot and ankle cuffed and proceeds to tickle her with her long nails until the agent gives up information. A satisfied Terra leaves to call her people, but April still has the pick she used on the hotel door and proceeds to unlock herself.

When Terra returns, things go awry! April points her weapon, demanding Terra sit, cuff herself to the same chair, and strip. She ball-gags the dominatrix and then makes her wear a harem outfit and leash, walking her around like a pet. Agent April Hunter puts Terra Mizu on the bed face down, binding her hands and feet in cuffs and returns the same foot tickling she was given until Terra gives up who she’s working for. She left there, struggling to get free.


**This is one of the coolest clips I’ve ever done. It’s actually a little movie and I think you’ll enjoy it a lot. 🙂 **