Andrea vs April test of strength




These two Amazons have never come together in the ring before and what happens is spectacular! Newcomer Andrea is unbelievable, at nearly six feet tall and absolutely gorgeous. Both girls are wearing athletic competitive one-piece swimsuits and are BARE FOOT.. April FLEXES her biceps to start, but not a single word is uttered as both women stand up to each other. A hostile stare-down ensues, and they inch closer and closer until they’re breast-to-breast. April shoves Andrea with her chest and Andrea comes back with anger, going forehead to forehead until they’re pressed up together tightly, staring into each others eyes, daring one to break. The referee intervenes as it gets hostile and suggests a real test of strength. They size each other up…SIZE COMPARISON of body, hands…and lock fingers. The amazons, push, shove, groan, breathe heavy and stay locked together tightly, ALWAYS STARING INTO EACH OTHERS EYES…EACH DARING HER OPPONENT TO BACK DOWN OR SCREAM “MERCY!” Long hair swings around chaotically, as each gets an upper hand and the other to her knees, but it’s a tough match. They are both strong, dominant women who don’t want to lose! They wear each other down, but neither gives up or in and they always stay LOCKED TOGETHER. Hands shaking, gasping for breath, they fight and struggle in the middle of the ring! They fall to the ground and wrestling in a GRAPEVINE, trying to pin each other’s hands while laying on the other, dominating! Who begs for mercy this epic match??Afterwards, a bonus ARM WRESTLING competition is issued!