April Hunter vs Miss Rachel Make Your Bed




Fitness centerfold April Hunter and popular British BBW model Miss Rachel return to their hotel room late in the evening after a full day of wrestling matches only to find HALF of it is a travesty! It’s wrecked! The sink top is a mess, towels are all over and the bed hasn’t been made. April turns to Rachel and snaps, “If you put up the Do Not Disturb, you can at least clean up your half of the room!”

Rachel shrugs. “I’ll just call the lady to do it.” This angers April who scolds Rachel about being responsible and not “calling the lady” every time she needs something done. Rachel shrugs again and reaches for the phone. April shoves her onto her unmade bed and Rachel shoves her back.

A wrestling catfight ensues. April puts Rachel in a test of strength and scissors clutch, tickles her bare feet, then wedgies and SPANKS her! Rachel’s gigantic breasts fall out of her swimsuit and she returns everything in kind by trying to rip April’s tiny halter top down while in a dragon hold! Rachel applies bear hugs and frontal wedgies….then the two flat-out yank each others hair and ram chests!

Unfortunately for April, Rachel succeeds in baring the fit redheads perfect large breasts. The two tussle around and boobs are flying everywhere! April gets nasty with breast and nipple twisting, then Rachel slaps April’s tits and twists her nips and the two are locked in a tit tirade. When it finally breaks after what feels like forever, the amazons trade forearms, low blows and throat holds right in the middle of their two beds in that tiny hotel room!

In the end, April beats Rachel with the hotel phone after she tries “to call the lady” again and catches her in a tight dream hold. Once the pretty Brit is out, April leaves her in her own mess of a bed, grabs her phone and takes victory selfies of herself and Rachel to put all over social media to humiliate her!

There’s much trash talking, arrogance, tits and humiliation in this long-awaited fantastic April vs Rachel rematch!