It is with a heavy heart that we dedicate this to George’s memory. Take care of your loved ones. Enjoy life. You only get this one. We have so many contributors in this issue that listing everyone’s submission would be pointless and repetitive. Among the contributors are such legends as Jerry Ordway, Marv Wolfman, Dan Jurgens, Tom Brevoort, Romeo Tanghal, Bill Sienkiewicz… as well as luminaries like Scott Koblish, Luciano Vecchio, Andy Mangels, Alex Garcia, Rich Bernatovech, and so many more. Enjoy this final issue with our thanks, knowing that the profits will be provided to Luz Maria Izquierdo, George’s mother, who is 92 years old as of the publication of this issue. We are certain that George could think of no better way to celebrate his life than to assist the woman who gave him life and taught him to be kind and generous. Thank you for your contribution to this issue, and thank you for supporting this publication over the years.

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